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What is Singularity?

Singularity is an ASP.NET Application Development Framework which makes it easier for .NET developers to create ASP.NET websites. For example, using this framework, one can easily develop text and video blogging websites, social networking websites and CMS systems.

Write No or Minimal Code to Build ASP.NET Websites

Singularity is based on the notion of 'Write Less Do More'. It is better than Entity Framework, NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC V2 in terms of maintainability, addressing agility of today’s website and total cost of ownership. Following are the reasons why?

1. Singularity provides a model of "writing no or minimal code" through Service, Category and Attribute concept.

2. You could define new Services, Categories and Attributes on the fly with all those required, range validation and regular expression validations. No coding required!

3. Services, Categories and Attributes are rendered as Input Forms, Search Forms and Advanced Search Forms. No coding required!

4. You could change from TextBox to RichTextBox to TextArea on the fly. Similarly you could change from DropDownList to RadioList on the fly. No coding required!

5. 'Singularity' wraps 50+ ASP.NET server control including AJAX control toolkit. You could register your own ASP.NET controls with framework to extend it. You could set control’s properties using a Key-Value XML.

6. Singularity Foundation Library (SFL) is a collection of utility classes that one can use to build ASP.NET apps in shortest amount of time. For example, if you wish to build your own Data Access Layer, Singularity Foundation Library (SFL) provides an excellent starting point. It has a Save() wrapper around MSDAB that do all the magic of insert, update, delete with or without transaction.

For More Information

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